Career Opportunities

River City Realty is in need of experienced Real Estate agents to join our firm. River City Realty of Central FL has been in business since 1999, and has continuously evolved to keep ahead of the competition while still providing exceptional one-on-one service to our clients.  We have joined ListHub a national listing network that pushes your listings out to over 50 search engines that power 500+ web sites. This will ensure that your listings appear on the most frequented Internet search sites and maximizes your exposure for a faster sale. In addition, your listing will also show up as a showcase-enhanced listing on, the real estate site ranked #1 for searches. Also a enhanced listing will be posted in “Featured Homes” on River City Realty’s website where it can be found by ordinary search engines too.

This combination of exceptional customer satisfaction, experience, success, and adaptability gives River City Realty agents the depth of industry knowledge and the latest tools and technologies.

River City Realty provides a FREE agent website! We have on our staff a full-time webmaster and advertising/promotions manager. Your feature-rich and fully customizable website will be optimized for search engines and linked to River City Realty’s website. By marketing yourself with a personal online presence you increase your visibility which increases your sales.

Choose the communities you wish to serve and work the hours you want. We’re just as flexible as you wish to be. Call June Metcalf at 407-491-1287 and arrange for a private interview. You owe it to yourself!